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As a Gold Medal-winning Paralympian, Jonathan applies the insights from his journey to empower individuals and businesses, equipping them with the tools to overcome limitations and build mental resilience.




Meet Jonathan Broom-Edwards MBE, a Paralympic high jumper for Great Britain. With Paralympic and World Champion titles, he's turned Silver into Gold and triumphed following an Achilles rupture in 2018. He's not just an athlete; he's explored his own mind and conquered personal limitations on Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins.

Jonathan's primary mission is to empower you with insights and confidence, whether you're a CEO, an employee, or a child on life's journey. Drawing from his own lessons, he's here to help you overcome the challenges life and business throw your way, guiding you towards success.



Jonathan goes beyond the ordinary. He provides inspirational talks for corporate organizations and businesses, leaving a lasting impact at conferences and after-dinner events. In schools and community forums, he doesn't just speak; he ignites minds through engaging assemblies and dynamic sporting and educational workshops. His goal is to not only motivate but to equip individuals and teams with actionable strategies for personal and professional growth.

Business Conferences
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The principles in business are identical to those in sport. The main difference is the focussed attention to health and recovery that is prioritised in sport, but which is often overlooked in business. Through engaging and interactive conferences, we can identify the key needs to take your business higher whilst keeping your battery charged and limiting the distractions.

After Dinner Guest 
JBE Gold Medal

I feel strongly that in life we need the experience of others. When someone shares their story and the techniques they used to succeed, we can take that experience and learn how to apply the knowledge to our own personal challenges. My journey has had many ups and downs, with tremendous learnings to take away.

Schools and Community
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Children are the future. Through sporting workshops and educational assemblies, the children are able to learn key life skills which may be overlooked in the curriculum. Making it fun and enjoyable, the school visits are designed to spark that ember of inspiration within them and encourage them to take positive steps in their lives.


Business Conferences

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Dealing with change needs to be at the very core of everything that we do.
Reactions to Jonathan's motivational talk post-conference at Gateway HR UK
After Dinner

After Dinner Engagements

High jump is the perfect metaphor for what life can throw at you as you most often end on a failure.

I have bombed more times than I can count, but have always got back up again. Some of these ill happenings are quite hilarious, others less so.


This is why my journey can shock, awe, tickle and test the audience, hopefully getting them to leave entertained as well as inspired.


Allow me to re-envision through story telling whilst awards are handed out at your next event. 

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Schools and Communities

For your school, college, university or community, a visit can be tailored to your liking. Whether it is an educational workshop, assembly, sports day or campaign, your needs can be met.

I have experience in all fields and a highly skilled team behind me. Allow us to help you plan for your perfect event.



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